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It is important to know that a knocked out tooth can be saved if you move quickly. If this ever happens to you or a friend, try these following steps.

First of all, avoid touching the tooth’s roots as best as you can. Instead, pick it up the tooth by the crown, which is the top part. Clean off any dirt by gently wiping it. Be as thorough as you can while cleaning it, because you may have to put it back in your mouth.

The tooth needs to be moist so it can stay alive, and your saliva can accomplish this. If possible and without causing further discomfort, you can set it back its socket. If this feels uncomfortable or you would rather not try that, you can cradle it between your teeth and your cheek.

Your mouth is not the only place you can safeguard the tooth. A small glass of cold milk can ensure the tooth’s survival for a time. Use whichever way is convenient or comfortable for you. However, we urge you to be fast since the tooth will not last much longer than 30 minutes.

Make it to the dentist before that time runs out. If there is a long wait, the dentist may possess a special solution that can extend the tooth’s life beyond a half hour. After that, the dentist can work to reattach your tooth.

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