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Have you heard a lot about root canal therapy from friends or colleagues that it is an uncomfortable treatment and worse than living with the cavity? While we prefer that you have healthy teeth that don’t need root canal therapy, we also want to inform you that this treatment can be vital to preserving a tooth, and is actually no more uncomfortable than filling a cavity. We are pleased to offer further insight on the true nature and purpose of root canal therapy in repairing tooth damage.

Symptoms of tooth decay could be a sign that root canal therapy is needed to save a tooth. Signs that tooth decay has affected the tooth center can include heightened tooth sensitivity, dental pain and tenderness or swelling in the gums. Severe tooth decay usually occurs when a cavity goes untreated. At this point, root canal therapy may be the only option to restore the tooth.

Tooth infection stands as another reason to receive root canal therapy. You may experience swollen gums and intense dental discomfort. Though, if the root dies as a result of severe untreated infection, you may not feel anything at all and only a dental checkup will reveal that there is a problem with the tooth.

If you have experienced dental trauma resulting from an unfortunate accident, you may need root canal therapy. Changes in the tooth color after it is struck by an object could reveal serious injury and require an appointment at our office.

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