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Laser dentistry is an up-and-coming technology, now estimated to be in use by more than six percent of dentists in the USA. There are many uses for lasers within dentistry, and dental lasers typically fall into one of two categories.

Soft Tissue Lasers

The first kind of oral laser is known as a soft tissue laser. These lasers are used in services involving the soft tissue of the mouth. One use is to destroy bacteria and spur the growth of gum tissue. (We recommend this for all patients with red or bloody gums, and we generally do this as an add-on to your regular visit and cleaning.) Soft tissue lasers can close nerve endings without the patient even feeling a thing, and they’re a great addition to the dentist’s toolset!

Hard Tissue Lasers

The second kind of dental laser, referred to as the hard tissue laser, is used primarily for piercing teeth. As mentioned earlier, oral lasers are extremely precise cutting apparatuses, so Dr. Seyed Ghorshi can use hard tissue lasers to contour or prep your chompers in preparation for many of the procedures we offer at Ghorshi Family Dentistry. Hard tissue lasers are more powerful and efficient than traditional tooth-cutting tools.

We’re delighted to offer our patients both of these laser dentistry technologies. If you are needing a checkup or would like to pencil in an appointment with our office in Charlotte, North Carolina, please call 704-321-3244 now and we’ll get you scheduled.