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We all know that brushing and flossing is important of our oral health. However, did you know that brushing your tongue is important too? It is also a good way to fend off bad breath.

The start of bad breath often begins with food debris and bacteria. Your teeth and tongue both have fissures and crevices that make a fine home for food and bacteria. Unfortunately, they get stuck there too long and cause bad breath.

A toothbrush can clean out food and bacteria more easily on your teeth, but it fails to clean off your tongue because the fissures and crevices are too small for the bristles. Your weapons of choice for brushing your tongue will be an actual tongue brush or a tongue scraper.

Here are the steps you should generally take. First, rinse the tongue brush or scraper to be certain nothing left over from the last cleaning returns to your tongue. A tongue brush will benefit from some toothpaste, but a tongue scraper may not need any.

When brushing, be sure to start from the back of the tongue and brush to the front. Be careful, for we do not want you to gag yourself. As you brush, be gentle on the tongue, as it is more fragile than your teeth. Brush over all the top and sides of your tongue for an effective clean.

Though we suggested it at the beginning, it helps to rinse the brush or scraper again to make sure it is clean as possible when you are done. A little extra caution never hurts.

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