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Soda is a staple in our diet it seems. Just about every restaurant offers it. However, you can help your oral health quite a bit by cutting back on those drinks. They can increase the risk of cavities and enamel erosion if you drink them too often.

One of the draws for soda is the sugar. Sugar is a necessary part of our diet, but we don’t need a lot of it. Soda gives us more sugar than we really need.

Sugar is also connected to cavities. It is not necessarily a direct cause, but it can give the microorganisms that do create cavities the means to do just that. Sugar can stick to our teeth, and these microorganisms create acids when they chow down on it. More sugar means more acid, and given enough time and fuel, the acid can eat holes in our enamel.

Sodas are also acidic themselves. Because of this, they can erode our enamel by themselves if we drink them too often. Even diet sodas have a considerable amount of acidity.

You can avoid these problems by cutting back on soda. Try drinking more water instead. Water also carries very few sugars and acids, if it has any at all. You can also use fluoridated toothpastes and mouthwashes to help you teeth resist tooth decay.

Drinking an occasional soda may be okay, but you can further avoid any potential problems by drinking it more quickly. Not so quickly that it causes discomfort, but try to finish it off a bit faster so you can keep the sugar from building up. Sipping it for a long time offers more chances for sugar to cling to your teeth and for the microorganisms to consume it.

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